Tintin in America

Nice classic american style
great accessories 

Villain - just nailing casual formal wear with the
 sweater, no tie, and heavy spread collar 
Thugs - wow, guns, ties and is that
an ascot i spot. 
Thugs - Amazing.. nothing says 
criminal like fitted slacks and
classic hats
wow.. someone's on tread for 
spring summer 09 with those blue pants
nice cuff as well.
This gentleman is doing some 
great work with the browns and that 
orange hat just sets the look off
nothing says stay out of my 
business like a three piece suit. 
great suit shirt combo, love the hat 
and super skinny tie
Classic Tintin... 
great classic suiting .
History has clearly shown to fear 
men who wear full length black
 trench coats. but also what a look
Tintin fully embracing american 
work wear love the flannel

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  1. I would not normally pair green and orange but damn if the dark taupe suit doesn't make it work. Really shows how a muted main can tie extreme colours together.