The Broken Ear

nothing more stylish then museums
look at this couple .. living a dream
great purse umbrella combo on the lady 
cleans up well
great action shot 
nice classic tintin, notices the trench vs. the usual 
umm... dream shoes
i like this hat tie combo 
nice tonal work
wow.. great pant and shoe. but the
 scarf and the gloves. yellow gloves are 
a big tread in this issue 
nice cashmere scarf. i also like tintins home look
great close up on the gloves and 
scarf. this guy makes art crime 
look so good 
i spy yellow gloves . also nice scarf
nothing says i"m a bad guy
like power shirts with power ties
all take the whole look please 
when isn't there a time for tailed jackets and 
textured pants
in an era where you traveled in style 

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