The Seven Crystal Balls

I wish I could go on the fashion train.
love the ladies glove, coat and bag combo

Great action shot.

Tintin effortless fashion as always

I love Captain Haddock's riding
gear. scarf with pin...
yellow and red... bold

I feel like Tintin needs to work on his
formal dressing. looks like the Captain
could lend a few tips

This gentleman is really showing us how to dress
in a patterned filled environment. great use of colour

When I think of classic menswear
this is what comes to mind

Ya your ready for an appearance.
love the use of the gun as an accessory

Capes are the must have menswear item.
spring, summer, fall, and winter.

He must have just got a
complement on his sensible cape

I wish i was friends with the Captain.
Nothing says welcome like a quilted jacket

These very well could be the
infamous fashion police.
sure looks like it

Yes I will stop...
and ask you where you
got that shoulder bag

I'm starting to think that Captain Haddock
may be my style icon

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  1. Anonymous12:05

    Can you do some more of these? This is a really funny blog.