Tintin and the Picaros

Motorcycle dudes think they are sooooo cool.
Tintin's like - done it. 

We've learned a lot about the multi dynamic 
fashion of Tintin. Why... RELEVANT

Bianca Castafiore 

Note, Tintin has moved from his standard slash
pocket chino to a five pocket jean style...
My years of menswear experience say,
Tintin is getting older.

Tintin just rocking some morning Yoga... RELEVANT

Chill mornings at the Estate

The Captain throws on the ultra-lux house coat to great
the media.
I guess before the internet, reporters dressed well. Who knew?

I've lost count of the amount of times I have said "Fancy Dress Fascist"and stormed out of the room... 

I'm guessing we are looking at a Henry Moore piece outside an Oscar Niemeyer marvel. Man, smoking in planes, those were the days.

Military General or Jean Paul Gaultier collection? 

Long body Benz with them suicide doors. 


At least this dictatorship knows how to do some interior decorating. 

Don't drink and Herman Miller 

Street style shots are really hard under totalitarian rule 

Wow... could you look anymore evil... 

Tintin so on trend. Like what are these shots from you dope Instagram?

"@Tintin - Blessed"

God damnit General Alcazar - there you are with your huge jaw 
and amazing guerrilla fashion sense. 

Boots over loafers... Tintin did you really think loafers were
a good choice for this jungle excursion?!

Same call sign I send out to the homies when I cop a rad new piece 

Told you... Never trust a Carnival

And that's a rap. What started in 2009 as a project to look into the "Fashion of Tintin", grew to be a paralleling narrative of my adventure into the world of Fashion. Tintin is a character representing many things to many different people. To me, Tintin is adventure. He is always trying new things and is always looking to help his friends. He is dependable, and resourceful. I love that he represents the idea that we should ask more of ourselves and each other.

When I started this project, I was a young man working a retail job. Since then I have begun an adventure that speaks to a life-long passion and purpose. Designing clothing for amazing people and being able to see them travel the world like Tintin. I think that's what Tintin taught me. Life is about being engaged and active, not about watching from the sidelines and being safe. Tintin's jet setting lifestyle was not given, it was earned. It came from his willingness to ask questions and seek answers.

Tintin represents a youthful outlook on our world. The idea that we can remain like children in an adult world. Media interviews always ask me about the influence that "Tintin" has had on my world of design and aesthetic. Visit my Instagram and you may see how the standard Macintosh jacket, the brown pant, the blue sweater, and the cultural garments representing our global community have influenced my design and style. Tintin is definitely one of my Fashion mentors and is exactly why I started this project. Knowing the visual imagery of a simple comic strip was saying something more. Thank you Herge, Tintin and all.

- Iain Russell