King Ottokar's Scepter

Tintin seems to be enjoying a fine 
spring day.  great one button blazer 
Oh. did i say blazer.... and 
tintin cranks the fashion 
gears with this one button 
what's going on with this mini 
tie... super skinny bow tie?
black suit brown shoes tie it in with the hat nice... 
blazer off sleeves rolled up... sounds like tintin villain
i am intrigued by this gentleman
shoes. flat or two tone slip on? 
a....a.....a....umm.. only words 
that come to mind are 
Wow. is this a one button three 
piece suit. Tintin you have now 
officially changed how i look at 
"classic suits"
King Ottokar - love the riding pants / boots 
Clearly to roll with King Ottokar 
you need to be on your Fashion 
Game. Or perhaps a very 
outrageously coloured 
military uniform

The cane is a forgotten mens 
accessories. most likely because 
there is enough chairs at most 
events from both gentleman and 
ladies to have a seat. but i also 
believe that you should always be 

This is my Co-worker Brendan aka /85 
of the super hype 84/85
But he went for a hair cut the other day
and came back with what i must call the 
tintin flow. although it was just for the day
great picture non the less. also take note of 
the nice tan jacket. 
I think Tintin's down on your vibes their Brendan 
The Mackintosh Raincoat this one by 
I dream of coats like this one. 


  1. This is the greatest thing I've stumbled upon in ages. Thanks! avant-garde indeed...

  2. this is pretty clever. here's to you getting your dreamcoat someday...

  3. Anonymous10:30

    That villain is definitely wearing spats. You can see one of the buttons.

    The many one-button suits may be a cartoonist's shorthand to avoid redundant visual clutter. Dagwood Bumstead's one-giant-button shirts and various characters with only four fingers are other examples.