The Crab with the Golden Claws

this man must be stunned by his 
great complete styling 
now were talking about a waiters uniform 
amazing coat. i love the blue . slim pant,
hat, umbrella... complete style 

Tintin showing proper clothing maintenance 
remember always hang that jacket when you 
get home.  
Tintin looking sharp to stay
 sharp on the latest news stories 
oh tintin please do get comfortable ...
Alan - tintin's sea captain 
enemy. making evil and sailing 
look great 
damn tintin villain 
your killing it with the 
purple turtleneck. fashion 
for the larger man 
Two very stylish pilots. 
i love the green riding pants 
with blue shirt and black tie
Moroccan street style pat 1 
Moroccan street style pat 2
Alan ashore
salmon polo matching belt 
great brown shoes with black suit

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