Land of Black Gold

Wow. This Gas Station Attended is really stezzing
to maximum. Bow-tie and that bag. Nice

The next three photos remind us That
Thompson & Thomson live life to the max.
First - full service petrol - Stylish...

Second - Car broke down.. Don't try fixing it yourself.
Call the breakdown gang - Stylish...

Ohhhh Thompson & Thomson making
stylish live choices.

classic effortless Tintin fashion

Tintin Villains remind us that to be a
baddy you must also style out to the max.
check the navy coat on the gentleman on
the right. paired with an olive chino and a grey hat.

Tintin Villains (workwear)
Wow... Get out the note pads and jot
these looks down. Beautiful work on the
little details - jean cuffs, work gloves, sleeve rolls.

Aye, aye, Captain - Love this look
Nice way to rock the brown shoe
with the black pant.

Its dark because your styles so
fucking hot.. Damn Tintin. The simple
addition of a officers hat adds so much to this look

Hope those note pads are still handy.
What a great look. I am such a
propionate of tucking in shirts.
This is why...

What a great military desert kit.
I love the sock covers. The red
wraps are such a nice hit of colour.

Oh the colours. Love the Yellow socks to
head wrap match. Even Tintin Villains
aren't afraid to rock some colour.

Tintin gets a little culture.
Keeping it mad cool in the heat.

Perhaps its the voice of the Hermes
sales associate that helped you
pick out this amazing riding kit.

Muller - Style Visionary.
That jacket / shirt combo.
Matched up with some riding
pants and boots. Practical yet

Muller takes that same look and
dresses it up with a nice red tie and
I spy some yellow gloves that looks
pretty epic.

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