Destination Moon / Explorers on the Moon

Oh Nestor you may just be the
best dressed butler.

The golden age of flight. Oh how
the glory days have left us...

How proper. I think we need to go back
to boarding plans from the ground. Sky walks
are so un-fashionable.

Wow. Driver or creative director.
This gentleman is teaching a class
on classic styling. Please do attend.

Oh my God, its the fashion police.
Everyone quick put on your sports coat.

What is this? the Opening Ceremony
showroom. There must be a
_______ X Opening Ceremony
collaboration meeting down the hall

Why do I feel like this is the
fashion police dispatch office.
"we've got a 10-20 on a golf shirt
with a popped collar"

Tintin with some textbook hiking
style. The boots! That backpack!

Part Two

Who would have thought gravity was fashionable.

Looks like they took their space suit design
from Bib the Michelin man

Once more the style of a Tintin villain is
on point. Their hideout must be next to
a great menswear store.

So Karl Lagerfeld, I mean Calculus
who makes your shirts?

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