Flight 714

Thanks terrorists for ruining air travel for everyone. Now when you're flighting you have to leave four hours early and be wearing shoes that you can take off easily. Shoe bomb... More like my shoes are the bomb... get me on my god damn flight already. Only to be seated next a sweatsuit wearing “frequent flyer". Then when you depart you are kept in a confined space due to security concerns. I NEED FRESH AIR (which really just means I need a cigarette).

Captain Haddock was so forward thinking with his emoji usage. And we all know proper emoji usage is so classy! 

Damn I should get some binoculars and just scope out street style from rooftops. I must be seeing things is that Daiki Suzuki chilling with Tintin… It cant be… 

Ok holy shit. you know you've made it when you own a plane. But like Tintin damnnnn your rolling with a dude with a private jet. I am not starting to think that Tintin might be the inspiration to a generation of rappers. 

Mother fucking Rastapopoulos. What in god’s name are you wearing. Like a pink cowboy shirt WTF. And then we have Alan wearing mens tights and a pair of converse. Like he's in one of those asian pop bands. Also whats with the guy without shoes on. So he had time to grab his tubin, waist wrap, cuffs his jeans, grabs his gun, but shoes.... no... Alright then.  But then the premise for Flight 714 was clearly written under the influence of some mind altering substances.. I blame the Opium trade. 

So much of America's gun laws make sense to me after seeing Tintin rocking the SMG. 

Damn Tintin in action! Also Alan following proper Tintin villain edict of looking so bad ass. BANG

Who says guns aren't cool... 

Tintin and the crew rolling out. Tintin must have some serious finacial backing. Like he's a jet setting reporter and is super bros with the elites. Or is there more to the Tintin/ Captain Haddock relationship. Just saying... 

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