The Castafiore Emerald

Tintin on point with his ma-1 flight jacket 

Damnnnnn Tintin knows his fit. Also are these Gypsies or is this an Engineered Garments / FWK fashion show their walking into.  That girls yellow tunic showing some amazing layering with the dress. And dude in the navy suit with bandana game... Realness factor high... 

Gajo is a slur for an outsider. I shall now refer to anyone not fully kitted in Nepenthes as a Gajo. Your fucking right to get called out Captain. Welcome to land matey. 

WTF! This guy is the butcher. The only thing he is butchering is everyones workwear. Like holy fuck, oxford, tie, work coat. Fuck you vegetarians, because of your modern lifestyle choices now butchers are fucking teenagers at grocery stores. Quinoa, more like get fucked. 

Damn Nester what in Gods name are you wearing. Like if my butler showed up in a white tuxedo I would be like how are you going to get anything cleaned today. Nothing says I bring you the telephone and answer the door like a white tuxedo. 

Little known fact Calculus is actually Karl Lagerfeld's father.  

Dark shirt light jacket ALWAYS LOOKS BAD. Life is not your nightclub. Jackass. 

Yo Captain kind of putting together a good kit here. Super into the pant with the roll, and the brown boot is nice. The jacket's a little whack but what do you expect from a guy who's generally wearing a turtle neck and a captains hat... 

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  1. They sure have a knack with dressing well!! :D