The Calculus Affair

The Captain really switches up the style in this issue. 
He really shows us some serious fashion dynamics... 

This gentleman clearly like his clothing 
modern as well. That cool blue suit. 
I like wheres he's taking this one.

Ya I would be getting the chloroform ready to. 
Just to get Calculus's coat. Olive green macintosh...

Clearly the Captain and Tintin just want to advise 
this villain that wearing a trench coat fully done 
up is a huge no... 

Looks like someone wants the Captains ascot as 
badly as I do. What a great pairing with 
the safari shirt & sports coat. 

Hot damn. We have a case of 
effortless cool here. Its all so 
good I don't like where start...

Document cases are a gentleman's 
must have.  Its always nice to have 
some Italian leather close at hand. 

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