The Red Sea Sharks

Tintin & the Captain find some inspirations 
through and evening of film and street style. 

I love this couple in the foreground. What a lovely 
green coat, hat combo, nicely finished with with 
a brown tie. And the lady with the blue jacket, I love 
the use of yellow with the blue and plaid. Great use
of the colour wheel. Well played. 


Tintin and the Captain just passing a menswear store. 
Just a small reminder why were here right now.
Its pretty clear that Tintin was designed 
to be a fashion icon. 

General Alcazar...Wow just wow. I know lime
green and pink work well but this is a whole
new levels of matching. Hype

Adbullah... That fashionable rapscallion. Always 
up for some fun, always steezin to the max.

This is why I wake up in the morning. 
Searching for this same kind of elegance. 
Tintin just has that little extra, Its the same kind
of extra that Mr. Bond holds as well. Its part style,
 part just who they are, partly who they have
 become. Sure they exist in fiction, but we get to 
take that fiction and make it our realities. We all 
walk down city streets looking for adventure.
 Tintin just does it differently. 

I have never liked living like a refuge. I mean camping.
 It makes no sense, you can only select some clothes, 
and have to leave the comforts of home behind...
 Soultion - bedouin tent, your home away from home.
 This looks like my kind of camping

Wow. This must be the fashion police. I love how 
properly they are attired. Little details everywhere. 
from the sock tuck to the leather pieces. I would hate
 to have these gentlemen catch me not in proper attire. 

I love the juxtaposition of the gentleman in his 
overalls, contrasted with the man in his suit. It
really capsulates menswear for me. Both 
wearable for there lifestyles but both will
 find themselves in either attire at some 
point in life. Menswear is more about 
clothes for life then a life for clothes


The Captain rolling up his sleeves and getting to work. 


Classic Captain.


To often men forget the importance
of a simple white shirt. It is such a staple.
So often they are overlooked as boring
when in reality it is nothing but crisp.

Oh a Tintin villain looking ever so sharp. 
The yellow gloves are a great add on. 

Rastapopoulos - Damn him for being so evil
and every so well attired.  


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