Tintin in Tibet

Tintin is always killing it. Lets go for a hike, I better not 
forget my yellow sock hit, and bespoke walking stick. 

Love this Alps street style scene. 

Classic Tintin, Also check out Professor Calculus its like right 
out of an Engineered Garments catalog. 

I love Tintin in air travel. Both this and the next scene just 
show us so clearly what the golden age of flight was like. 

Wow. This first gentleman's brown suit and wild 
yellow tie combo. Love!

I like the Tibetan Cultural wear. Vest are so in. 

Captain Haddock damnnn. You make me want to 
go mountaineering 

I love this anorak, paired up with the nice red sock hit
well done Captain.

Trekking through the Himalayas would not be fun. But damn 
Tintin and his crew look like their ready to roll up to the club. 


  1. This is my favourite site on the internet. Thanks for the update!

  2. tintin is one of my favarite cartoon charactors